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Issue Based Workshops

Our qualified youth workers deliver a selection of issue based workshops that help tackle the following:

  • Bullying
  • Internet Safety
  • Sexual Relationships Education
  • Substance Misuse
  • Positive Relationships, Resilience and Self Esteem
  • Mental Health

Example workshop Internet Safety Workshop at Galley Common Youth Project

Arts Awards

Aspire in Arts is a registered Arts Award Centre. We can deliver the national accreditation alongside all of our arts projects.

Life Changing Journey

Our Youth Workers are trained to deliver levels bronze, silver and gold. This accreditation is a perfect way for young people to record and reflect on their arts journey.

Boost Work & Education Opportunities

It also helps to boost their CV and employability and the gold level can also go towards UCAS points for university.

Team are awarded with art awards for there hard work and achivements.

Schools, Sixth Form and Colleges

We can also deliver tailor made workshops within Secondary Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges. Our workshops aim to use inclusive arts based activities that help young people to learn new skills, increase motivation to achieve and increase life chances.

Our arts based workshops can be directly linked to the curriculum and we use the Arts as a tool for engagement and learning. Young people can also achieve The Arts Award alongside our project delivery.

We then link the arts to the curriculum in a number of ways, for example we deliver poetry, creative writing and song writing, music workshops that help young people achieve in English, Maths and History

Generic Youth Clubs

Our JNC Qualified Youth Workers deliver generic youth sessions within local settings such as village halls and community centres.


Adapting To Need & Interests

Depending on young people’s needs and interests, these sessions consist of cooking, sports, arts and crafts, educational trips, graffiti art, sewing, mixed martial arts, zumba and street dance.

One To One Sessions

We also run issue based workshops alongside our generic sessions and one to one work with young people.

Working Together

Our youth workers also work with other local partners and refer young people to other support services if required.

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities for young people aged 16-25. These can include supporting our generic youth sessions (for example, helping out or delivering your own arts and crafts session, sports activities, games, cooking etc), volunteer placements at our workshops (for example record producing, filming, dance etc). Our sessions can provide you with vital “on the job training” that will increase your skills, confidence and boost your CV!

If you are passionate about working with young people, get in touch!